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Crossheads & In-line Heads    

If you are searching for extrusion crosshead & tooling solutions that
offer higher efficiency and precision manufacturing at a great value...
You have arrived.

JoeTools brings a vast amount of experience in multiple extrusion
applications, and we design and manufacture each product to
deliver the highest level of quality and performance for our
customers specific needs.

Whether your extrusion process requires an innovative approach to
increase production efficiency... or a standard OEM style Crosshead,
Joe Tools can design and manufacture the ideal head to answer the
demand. JoeTools’ broad range of extrusion products include our
industry standard crossheads...

• JT Head
• Double-Shaft Head
• Double-Nut Head
• Snap Head
• Universal Head
• Metric Head

• Joe-4 Head
• Switcher™ Head
• Profile Head
• Multi-Conductor Head
• RN Head
• Scooter™ Head
• In-line Head
JoeTools... the new industry standard for precision crossheads and
innovative solutions that make your business more productive and
Switcher and Scooter are trademarks of JoeTools, Inc. All rights reserved.