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Advanced Technology        
Innnovative Crossheads   To help our customers reach their performance goals, JoeTools is continuously
introducing revolutionary product innovations that allow extrusion processors a better
way to increase productivity and reduce costs. Below are some of JoeTools'
remarkable new crossheads that are designed to do that... and much more!

The Zero-Bleed™ Head
JoeTools’ new Zero-Bleed Crosshead is the ideal solution for minimal downtime and maximum productivity. With its unique 3 extruder design, the Zero-Bleed Head can continuously run alternating skin or striping colors without stopping the production
line! As a result, this new system of non-stop production can greatly reduce setup time, eliminate waste, increase sustainability, and bring productivity to an all-time high.

The Switcher™ Head

The Switcher Crosshead is the new hero among wire and cable processors,
with it’s unique, color inversion system that extrudes 2 different colors consecutively
without interruption. This unique system features a fixed center, dual-layer
crosshead with a manually controlled switch valve, able to invert compound from
two extruders onto the inner and outer layers of the applied insulation. So, as the
production quantity of the first color is completed, the operator simply switches
the color valve to transpose the inner and outer layers... and the next production run
begins. This process eliminates the set up time and bulk of scrap material that is
traditionally involved in extruding the second color run. So, there is almost no
waste in material or time, but a substantial gain in productivity and lower operating
costs. Plus, the manually operated switch valve makes the Switcher extremely
reliable. Not only is it easy and sure to operate, it eliminates any downtime or costs
that could result from the complexity of hydraulic or pneumatic controls.

The Multi-Conductor Head

The Multi-Conductor Crosshead is an incredible advantage to the Wire & Cable
processors manufacturing muti-conductor products. With its unique zero core tube
design, the Multi-Conductor Head offers easy, quick setups for extrusion runs with
as many as 50 conductors. That’s because the zero core tube feature allows the
operator to easily feed the conductors directly into the tip. This new system can
bring an enormous increase in extrusion productivity, and especially with fine wire,
multi-conductor runs of 20 or more.