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Joe Dixon

Leading JoeTools as President and Founder, Joe Dixon is a recognized leader in
extrusion processing and manufacturing and stands among the best in the industry.
During his 40 year career in Wire & Cable extrusion, Joe has also served as the
Presidents of Draka USA, General Cable Corporation and Carroll Cable Company,
plus General Manager of Canterbury Engineering Company.

Joe Dixon’s extensive and worldwide experience and knowledge has brought many
advancements throughout the industry and helped customers develop substantial
gains in production with innovative ideas and new technology. His mission for
JoeTools is to continuously provide customers with exceptional quality products that
are delivered on-time and at the best possible value.

Vijay Anand
Chief Operating Officer  

Vijay Anand brings over 50 years of global experience in the design and manufacturing
of extrusion products for the Wire & Cable, Medical Tubing, and Hose & Pipe industries,
including crossheads, tooling, screws and barrels and all extrusion accessories.
Along with extensive extrusion expertise, Vijay also brings 20 years of experience in wire
and cable processing with companies like Pirelli Cable, Boston Insulated Wire, C&M
Corporation, and Laribee Wire Manufacturing.

Prior to joining JoeTools, Vijay Anand was the owner and founder of Canterbury Engineering
Company and later became a principle of the CanGen Group which includes both
Canterbury Engineering Company and Genca. As COO, Vijay’s plan is to help JoeTools
build worldwide recognition as a leader in the innovative design and manufacturing of
quality extrusion products.

Tim Brown
Vice President & General Manager

With more than 32 years of experience in engineering extrusion products for the Wire &
Cable, Medical Tubing, and Hose & Pipe industries, Tim Brown leads the day to day
management of JoeTools as Vice President and General Manager. Along with an
extensive background in extrusion product design, Tim is known for developing innovative
solutions that help extrusion processors acheive greater productivity and less downtime.

Before joining JoeTools, Tim was the co-founder and President of Gema Engineering
Company and later became President of the CanGen Group which purchased Gema
Engineering and includes both Canterbury Engineering Company and Genca. As Vice
President and General Manager, Tim plans to help JoeTools bring the highest level of
quality, service and solutions to JoeTools customers throughout the world.

Peter Anand
Vice President & Sales Manager

Bringing many years of experience in the sales of extrusion tooling, Peter Anand
joined JoeTools as Vice President and Sales Manager. His career in the manufacturing
and sales of extrusion products began at Canterbury Engineering and progressed under
the CanGen Group, which included both Canterbury Engineering and the Genca
Corporation, located in St. Petersburg, FL.

Peter's 29 years of experience in extrusion products for the wire and cable industry
has brought continuous growth to key accounts with innovative solutions that help
customers become more productive and profitable. . .the primary objective in
JoeTools mission.


Jim Williams
Tooling Manager

Another extensive career in Wire and Cable Manufacturing, Jim Williams joined
JoeTools in 2007. His 27 years of experience includes 22 years with the Canterbury
Engineering Company. During Jim's career, he has served in multiple capacities
within the Sales and Engineering departments, gaining a complete and advanced
knowledge of process engineering and product development. Jim also has
played an essential role in the design of several extrusion product innovations like
the JoeTools Switcher Head and the Round Case 4/6 Head.

Jim is originally from Iron Mountain, Michigan and graduated from Michigan Tech
University in 1983 with a major in Mechanical Design. As Tooling Manager for
JoeTools, Jim plans to help the company build the highest level of quality and
customer support in the Wire and Cable industry.

Andrew Depue
Regional Sales Manager

Rejoining JoeTools in 2019, Andrew Depue stepped into the position of Regional
Sales Manager, bringing with him six years of welcome experience from one of the
largest wire manufacturers in the nation. There, Andrew advanced to the position
of Operations Manager, overseeing the manufacturing processes and ensuring
their daily production plans were being met. This invaluable experience adds to
the expanse of knowledge Andrew offers our customers in providing innovative
ideas and solutions to help achieve their goals.

Prior to his previous employment, Andrew spent six years at JoeTools as Sales
Engineer, working with customers to improve their extrusion processes and tooling
while growing their business. From 2003 to 2009, Andrew served as a non-
commissioned officer in the U.S. Marine Corps, and he holds an Economics
degree from The University of Georgia.


Mike Zimmerman
Sales Engineer

Joining the JoeTools team in 2016, Mike Zimmerman offers an extensive background
as sales engineer and a vast experience with the extrusion and production of wire and
cable products. 32 years, in fact.

Mike’s career in the wire and cable industry began at Laribee Wire, where he had the
opportunity to work in various roles, expanding his knowledge of manufacturing and
production and leading him to a supervisory position. After Laribee, Mike joined Canterbury
Engineering in 1988. At Canterbury, Mike also had the opportunity to broaden his knowledge,
with 2 years experience in product manufacturing and inspection. All of this has helped to
make Mike one of the best sales engineers in the business, winning “Salesman of the Year”
many times within his long career.

Art Bagley
Sales Representative

As Sales Representative with JoeTools since January 2018, Art Bagley brings 26 years
experience as a business owner and licensed contractor building residential and
light commercial developments in Georgia. In college, Art studied both architecture
and mechanical engineering, and with his hands-on experience and knowledge
in business and engineering, Art has become an excellent sales rep in helping
JoeTools customers reach their goals.

Along with Art’s responsibilities in sales and guiding customers through a variety
of processing solutions, he also regularly assists in product production inspections
and quality control.

Dieter Kuper
Director of Extrusion Technology

Dieter Kuper joined JoeTools with over 30 years of experience in the development and
manufacturing of a variety of wire and cable products. From operator to the board room,
his past experience has included roles as VP of Operations at the HEICO Companies,
VP of Manufacturing Engineering at Coleman Cable Systems, General Manager of
Prestolite Wire Corporation, plus multiple positions at Laribee Wire and Pirelli Cable.

With Dieter’s broad understanding of extrusion technology and processes, he is a perfect
fit for his role as Director of Extrusion Technology. In this position, Dieter uses his vast
experience to help customers solve a wide range of problems including new product
development, quality improvement processes, and developing production systems that
lead to greater profitability. Along with his extensive career experience, Kuper holds a
Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Dakota.


Niki Bensley
Customer Service Representative

With over 20 years in Customer Service, Niki Bensley is a leader in assuring JoeTools
customer satisfaction in all stages of product sales, development and delivery. She
has been with JoeTools since 2008. Most of her career has been related to the wire
and cable industry, including over 10 years with the extrusion products manufacturer,
Canterbury Engineering in Chamblee, Georgia.

During her career, Bensley has been recognized for outstanding performance in
customer relations and continuously provides ideal solutions for each customer's needs.
Bensley is a native Atlantan, and with her extensive background in products for wire and
cable manufacturing, she is a key player in helping JoeTools develop a higher level of
quality and customer support throughout the industry.

Richard Brett
IT/Sales Support

Bringing 25 years of experience, including 10 years within the wire and cable industry,
Richard Brett joined JoeTools in 2015 as Information Technology Specialist and Sales
Support Representative. Along with Richard's daily operation of streamlining information
to optimize JoeTools level of customer service, he also directs a continuous improvement
process of strengthening the IT structure and systems to maintain a more robust service
level industry wide.

Richard's background in wire and cable includes 6 years with Canterbury Engineering
Company. There, he started in shipping and receiving and was promoted to sales
assistant and sales representative positions Richard hold a Bachelor's degree in
Information Technology.


Matt Rolin
Design Engineer

Matt Rolin brings experience in new CAD design technology to JoeTools. Joining
JoeTools as CAD Engineer in 2013, Matt's goal is to specialize in engineering extrusion
products for the wire and cable industry and help develop new innovations to advance
extrusion processing. Matt's primary responsibilities include designing new parts and
making design modifications to achieve specified crosshead requirements.

Matt is a graduate of Lanier Technical College in Oakwood, Georgia, majoring in
Mechanical Engineering, and prior to working with JoeTools, Matt held positions as
CAD Engineer at Alliance Fire Protection Services, Inc. in Loganville, Georgia and
Rohrer Corporation in Buford. Georgia.


Nick Brown
Design Engineer

Joining Joe Tools as a Design Engineer in 2016, Nick Brown’s primary focus is on creating
and maintaining precision accuracy in the delevopment and operation of all JoeTools
products. In his position, Nick brings a highly valued product knowledge along with
CAD design expertise utilizing 3D modeling and computer simulation.

His continuous goal is to deliver the highest quality product to each customer from the
beginning of the design stage and all the way through the inspection and shipping
processes. Nick has achieved certifications for both 2D and 3D CAD programs including
specialty courses focused on Flow Simulation and Surface Modeling.


Millie Haehnlein

Office Manager

Millie Haehnlein's career reflects vast experience in accounting, data processing and
administrative management. Prior to joining JoeTools in 2008, Millie had devoted
over 30 years to Crawford & Company, the world's largest independent claims
management company, with more than 700 offices and 8000 employees, worldwide.
There she worked in Human Resources and Information Technology, along with 20
years in accounting as Payroll Manager.

As Office Manager at JoeTools, Millie's responsibilities include the management
of accounts receivables, accounts payables, collections, reporting and other
administrative processes. Millie is originally from Cornelia, Georgia and has
spent most of her life in the Atlanta area.

Jenny Dixon

Production Manager

As Production Manager, Jenny Dixon is responsible for planning and implementing the
efficient, effective and timely flow of products and supplies to their point of destination.
Joining JoeTools in 2014, Jenny has made significant contributions to JoeTools
service initiatives by consistently providing on-time delivery to minimize any possible
customer downtime and assure customer satisfaction.

Along with her responsibilities in production management, Jenny also manages purchasing
and assists in JoeTools overall operations. Jenny is a graduate of Georgia State University
and grew up in the metro Atlanta area.